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Mario Kart Live Home Circuit sortira le 16 octobre.

Nintendo adapts its Mario Kard game to a magnified reality

The Mario Kart Live Home Circuit, scheduled for Oct. 16, will transform its living room into a roundabout for the popular racing game and see remote control carts driving there.

Take aside one of Nintendo’s most popular licenses, the Mario Card, which has sold over 25 million copies worldwide in recent installments. Take mixed reality on the other hand, this technology allows you to mix real world and virtual elements through one screen. You will get all this mixed up Mario Kart Live Home Circuit, A video game that transforms your home into a kart racing circuit.

Released by Nintendo this Thursday, the attached toy will go on sale from October 16 for 99 euros. The game box is equipped with a camera with remote control card and four beacons. Everyone needs to show their imagination to create paths through their homes. It is good to have some barriers in your living room space and floor …

Once the circuit is created, it will be switched on the screen of the Nintendo Switch console. The player must compete against virtual rivals, they only appear on the screen. But her car moves in the real world. The toy card also reacts to bonuses and penalties encountered in the video game: it stops dying in front of a red shell, or is accelerated if the player uses a mushroom. It is also possible to play with four friends in the same room and they will have to bring their own toy cart.

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Nintendo has already dared In mixed reality land with Nintendo Labo. Released in 2018, this title card designed for kids invites them to create products using construction tools, and see them revived via mini-games on the Nintendo Switch screen. Playful and innovative, this linked game is not a commercial success. Linking a brand as strong as Mario Kart to a mixed reality title should, on the contrary, attract curiosity.

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