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Next gen on For Cry 6 Xbox One / PS4 and 4K / 60FPS |  Xbox One

Next gen on For Cry 6 Xbox One / PS4 and 4K / 60FPS | Xbox One

The closing week was an opportunity to learn a little more about many topics. We find in them For Cry6, Ubisoft’s latest big open world game was set to be released on February 18th. Finally on October 7th it will be Xbox Series X | Comes with S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Epic Games Store, Ubisoft Store, Stadia, Amazon Luna and Ubisoft +. With all of these versions in mind, many players are wondering how this will change on new consoles and especially older generation engines, keeping the company’s past about upgrading its games when it comes out.

It is in columns VGC We can find some answers specifically related to the optimization of this new task.

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4K et 60 FPS on Xbox Series X et PS5

When asked about the game’s performance on different platforms, David Grivel, Ubisoft’s Toronto’s leading game designer, assures us that the game works well on all platforms.

What can I say, and I can not describe much about such specifications or things, the game works well on both the previous Zen and Xbox Series X and PS5. One detail I can add about the new generation is that it allowed the game to run at 60 FPS and 4K, which is pretty awesome.

Don’t miss the Xbox One / PS4 generation

With the disappointment that the Cyberpunk 2077 was on older Zen consoles, there is reason to worry about performance on the Xbox One and PS4, but Grivel promises. If the new generation engine allows for bigger things in Far Cry 6, that doesn’t mean the eighth generation was abandoned for it. When asked if he expects to experience issues with older Zen consoles, he replied:

No. We aim for the highest quality on all of these sites

As a reminder, Yara Island alone is larger than previous maps of the license. So the game offers a great world to explore, and it goes without saying that we are eager to see how these Xbox One / PS4 versions actually turn out. Ubisoft says it is very cautious in this regard and will no doubt expect the studio to take a turn.

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