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Radon nei luoghi di lavoro

News for obligations and sanctions

Legislative Order No. 101/2020 mandated an accurate route map for communications for measurements and efficient systems. Established the image of the technician for the solution. Effects on TVR

Radon in the Workplace: Duties and Obstacles News – Download Monthly Report Free

Radon: What is it?

Radon is a natural radioactive noble gas, colorless and odorless. Environmental emissions are from soil, some building materials, and in some cases water.

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New law

New Assembly Order No. In the case of radon 101/2020 has introduced significant changes compared to those regulated by the previous Departmental Act (Legislative Order No. 230/1995). First, there are precise prevention rules that must be followed by the employer and operator of underground workplaces or spas. Furthermore, an accurate timetable for measurements is defined, but also for communications for efficient bodies. Finally, not least, a new professional person – expert solution technician – has been established, which is mandatory in case the new reference for the concentration of gas activity exceeds regulatory limits.

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Repression of sanctions

Facing new duties, Legislative Order no. 101/2020 introduced more severe penalties. In particular, criminal offenses are dealt with in Art, the instrument that allows in Chapter I of Chapter XVI «. 205, Administrative offenses are dealt with in Art, in the second chapter of Title XVI. 215. Offenses range from failure to report results to competent bodies to failure to take adequate remedial action.

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Engineer, Radiation Safety Grade III – n ° 603 and a comprehensive analysis of the rules, obligations and sanctions imposed by the New Sector Reform Order in the analysis of the European Commission Adviser Manuel Chechini.

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