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News coming to DLC or PS5?  Housemark leaves a mysterious clue -

News coming to DLC or PS5? Housemark leaves a mysterious clue –

Return Some interesting news may come, perhaps in the form DLC, enhancements or updates Some kind of, judging by Strange clue Housemark left on Twitter, not easy to understand.

What we see, one with it News This is “Atropos ..?” That only says, it looks like some rock formations, a piece of landscape, an artifact or a strange thing, it is not easy to understand what it is.

Considering the question written by Housemark, one might think that this is not a question Atrophos, That is the planet with the system for Return, or yes, but the planet with the structure different and unprecedented, it makes one wonder if it is still the same planet.

In short, for now they are just speculations, but we know that Housemark It is usually very attentive and active in supporting its games, which are constantly getting updates, new content and updates at a constant pace, so we are waiting to understand what it will be like even in this case.

May be the next useful opportunity for such a presentation Sports Awards 2021, Which will take place on December 9, 2021, so focus on delivering the news in return this evening, and also consider having a candidate game for some of the prizes awarded.

Meanwhile, the 2.0 update is available on PS5 with Photo Mode and Suspended Cycle, while the title is named Develop: Brighton as the Best Game of 2021.