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New Unannounced Game An Open World Action RPG -

New Unannounced Game An Open World Action RPG –

InXile Currently working on more than one project, but very insidious New Next Gen Game Not yet announced, this is the Xbox Series X | It is likely to be exclusive to S&PC and is expected to come out in 2022, with some vague details coming out. Action RPG Open World.

We talked about a potential FPS RPG before, but there were many hints for this new game, in which Brian Bargo said he was very happy and it was an important step for the team’s future, and now seems to be partially integrated with Xbox Game Studios.

In various rumors, there was talk of a first-person RPG, a possible successor to Argan and a Steampunk RPG, and so on, but the common element in all rumors is always one: it will be Participating game Somehow, this is very clear considering the InXile curriculum.

In this case, it starts with a Employment Advertising As a Systems Engineer, we are talking about Action RPG, so obviously something more powerful than the team’s latest titles. In the job announcement speech, among the characteristics requested from the candidate, we talk about the ability to manage open world technology, another aspect that can be attributed to the new game and the experience gained in the development of first or third party activity RPG games.

‘S insertion too Third person We talked mainly about the first person for the new project, and it would lead to a different from the Ovidian of Avo, instead it would be subjective.

Obviously, getting information from a job posting means more guesswork, but there is at least one connection to searching InXile for its new project. For the rest, Gamescom 2021 continues its long journey with Wasteland 3: Cloud of the Holy Detention, a new expansion for the strategic RPG post-apocalyptic system, a little surprising.