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New store application with new features in development

New store application with new features in development

Microsoft is creating a new store for Windows 10 from the ground up when changing guidelines.

Microsoft creates a new store Windows 10. Among other things, it must have a completely new user interface. The store will continue to be used as a UWP (Universal Windows Platform) application and is scheduled to receive monthly updates and new features. In addition, the user experience should be smooth and the new store should run more stable when downloading and installing large applications such as games.

There are three major changes to the store’s developer guidelines:

  • Developers have the opportunity to submit unopened Win32 applications to the store
  • Developers are allowed to host applications and updates on their own Content Distribution Network (CDN).
  • Developers are allowed to use third-party trading platforms in applications

Thanks to these changes, developers will be able to bring their Win 32 applications to the new store without any changes to the existing code. In the past, developers have had to compile 32 of their Win applications as MSIX, and have been forced to use Microsoft’s own store control update and trading platforms. This will become obsolete with the new store. This will allow Microsoft to store pure EXE or MSI files in the future. This makes it easier for developers to keep their programs up to date because they can easily publish their updates via their own CDN.

Ultimately, Microsoft will allow developers to use their own app sales, thus completely ignoring Microsoft’s own trading platform. According to Windows Central, Microsoft does not want any share or fee from app developers who use their app trading channel.

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These numerous new store guidelines make it easy for all developers to sell their own apps through the Windows Store and keep them updated in the future. The future will show whether programs like Google Chrome or Adobe Creative Cloud will now be found entering the store.