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All the important dates to remember!

For communication professionals, it is essential to know how to place your soldiers on the social media chessboard. In fact, there are many brands with Twitter trends, hashtags or even on important dates of the year. While news jogging is an increasingly widespread practice, communicators are not waiting for the arrival of social media to deliver event-based marketing activities created by a decisive temporality.

Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Summer Sales, National and International Days … Today, everything is great for talking and getting brand news. Nevertheless, it must be done with creativity, pragmatism and ingenuity! To do this, communicators need to work upstream on their strategy. Good not to miss important dates!

Therefore, to assist principals and all communications experts, Camille I have a friend Reveals its Social Media Calendar 2022In alliance with Speaker !

Why DocWalker? Well, because it’s a tool we work with and we really appreciate it. It allows you to monitor social networks to analyze the online presence of your brand or your advertiser client. It is a complete platform that keeps users’ conversations under radar so that they can better understand their applications, analyze them, and ultimately make you work more efficiently. To learn more about it, go to its exclusive tool page!

We are happy to work with them on this beautiful calendar project! Calendar lovingly created just for you! There you will find important dates and major sporting events, entertainment and especially business meetings for the year 2022! Here is a little preview!

You can download the 2022 calendar in PDF format for free by clicking here:

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Download the 2022 Social Media Calendar

We hope you find this new format useful and help you with your digital communication projects! To save time, you can add a calendar directly to your Apple or Google Calendar:

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