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New photo functionality can do that

New photo functionality can do that

WhatsApp introduces new feature already announced by Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg. Beta testers already know this, but now the single view for photos is open to all other users – but it has a weak point.

WhatsApp has faced a lot of criticism over the past few months – especially regarding changes related to Messenger’s data usage. So it’s no surprise that people are now working hard on themselves. With Single view of shared photos and other media content One of the results of the effort is now ready.

WhatsApp launches single view: sent photos cannot be saved

With the “Single View” function, WhatsApp users can send photos, GIFs and videos Do not save on recipient device Leave (Source: Share) He or she can only view the file once and then delete it from chat history. The files do not appear in the photo gallery of the other smartphone.

You can activate the function using a new button: if you want to send a photo or other file via WhatsApp, the number “1” is surrounded by a dotted border in your text field on the right edge. You can see what it is by clicking on it Reset each time To. The new functionality is available on WhatsApp on Android and iOS. It looks like this:

In the text field for the title you will see an icon that will be viewed once in the future on WhatsApp (Image: GIGA).

However, WhatsApp refers to it One can ignore the view. For example, you can not prevent WhatsApp users from taking a screen shot while viewing an image. For example, you can take a photo with another smartphone.

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WhatsApp also has a condition of saving files once: if the recipient reports a photo, for example it violates WhatsApp’s guidelines or rules, WhatsApp will check it and save the file.

Are you not sure about the findings in WhatsApp? There are alternatives to Video:

One look has a practical side effect

Despite the limitations, a one-time viewing scene a Reception, This gives you more power over your own files. Practical Side Effect: If you use a single view, you save a little internal memory on the smartphone for the person you are talking to. Single view is one of the many activities of Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg on WhatsApp Recently announced Was so you will soon decide for yourself about them Image quality of sent photos.