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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2, Information provided by Square Enix: Is Open World Possible? –

Some details about Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2 Emerged during a recent interview Motomu toriyama e nok ki hamaguchi By Square Enix, there is some information in the second part of the remake, which may contain elements of style. Open world, At least stated.

Although Final Fantasy 7 remake Part 2 has entered full production, the game is not yet available on E3 2021, so we welcome this ambiguity Information With pleasure. On the other hand, growth is progressing well, Square Enix said some time ago, so we’ll have to wait to get some more precise details.

Toriama, in particular, said, “We have some time to see.” Wooday In addition to the fact that “there may be new features to highlight things that can be seen along the way”, given its distance from the midcar, in the most loyal way.

Obviously, Part 2 has its own unique challenges, as Hamaguchi declares: “As for improvements, I need to talk more about this. changes, Is planned for the future: because in the next episode Cloud & Company will leave the midfield and explore the world map, so our new challenge is to create a game that can take advantage of the wider nature of the world, unlike we did in the first part “.

These considerations suggest the possibility that the final Fantasy 7 remake Part 2 may contain elements from the open world. On the other hand, director Tetsuya Nomura had previously pointed out that the structure and atmosphere would be very different from Part 1. In particular, let’s look at the cloud and guys “Travel a lot of nature”, As announced by the Director, signifies the existence of a larger and more independently explorable map.

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