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How to install iOS 15 in front of everyone to test new features of iPhone

How to install iOS 15 in front of everyone to test new features of iPhone

At the annual WWDC Developer Conference on June 7, a month after its official presentation, Apple unveiled the public beta of iOS 15, the next version of the operating system for the iPhone, to be released. Make several changes to the interface of the devices we list for you in this article.

The next version of the iPhone operating system focuses specifically on long-distance social interactions on how phone time, messaging usage, and notifications are handled. This fall is available in its final version, It will be accessible to all iPhones sold since the iPhone 6s launched six years ago.

The General Beta Proposed From July 1st Owners of eligible iPhones who want to try out the new features of the new OS before it is officially released at the beginning of the school year. This is not final, and errors may occur on versions until its official deployment.

So it is better to back up your data before installing it as it does not install public beta on your professional smartphone as it may cause stability issues.

How to install iOS 15 public beta

The general beta is available for free to Apple customers Apple ID, The email address that provides access to the group’s services Joined the beta software program Of the group.

Once IHas subscribed to this project, You need to download one Configuration profile, The file to access the public beta on your phone. Click “Install” and enter your code. You are now authorized to download the public beta.

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Once these operations are performed, your device should be up To restart Before showing the public beta “Software update“Settings.” Click “Download and Install” and allow it to use an hour before.

It requires a wifi connection to download. It is recommended to enable automated use of updates to benefit from Apple post edits until the final version.

How to go back

If there is an error or you want to go to your initial profile, you can delete the configuration profile in your iPhone’s settings tab “VPN and Device Management” By deleting the profile “iOS 15 and iPados 15 beta software”. You will have to wait for the next iOS 14 update to download before the changes take effect.

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