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New functionality: WhatsApp reports on status messages to speak of

New functionality: WhatsApp reports on status messages to speak of

– Logo Photo: Carsten Rehder / DPA

WhatsApp has a new functionality: In the “Status” tab, messages from WhatsApp can be viewed in the future. The company has been responding openly to criticism over the past few weeks.

The company says it will open in mid-February Wants to change the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, Causing dissatisfaction among a large number of users. According to reports, millions of users are said to have migrated to rivals such as Telegram and Trima.

The service has now responded to this: WhatsApp has been talking on its own messenger since the weekend. Until now, users could only view content from friends in the “Status” tab or post content. There have also been entries from WhatsApp since this week.

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WhatsApp postpones introduction of new data protection rules

The company announced in its first level report that WhatsApp would like to use this to inform about new functions and updates. The group also promotes its own data protection: WhatsApp’s use is not new to users’ privacy. “WhatsApp can’t read or listen to your personal messages because they are encrypted from the end,” it says.

WhatsApp status cannot be hidden

Some media suspect that the embassy service is trying to save its bad reputation and give users a sense of security. The company also protects the new data protection guidelines on its website: “We want to make it clear that the update of the guidance will not completely affect your privacy in relation to your messages to friends or family.”

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It remains to be seen whether WhatsApp’s new information functionality will be successful. According to social networks, many users are already more angry than happy because they can’t hide the ad tab.