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New features in the big April update

New features in the big April update

The firmware update brings new PS5 features 2 min. According to

Today Sony delivers the first major firmware update for the PlayStation 5. This allows you to move games from the internal SSD to the external USB drive. Also, there is cross generation role play. You will find all the new features in the next article.

Sony released the new PlayStation 5 game console in November 2020, offering the first major computer update from today, April 14th. The most important new feature of the update USB storage support. Of the solidly solder 825 gigabytes SSD, only 667 gigabytes can be effectively occupied and current games usually take up more than 50 gigabytes. Existing application M.2 Expansion Slots Sony will not allow additional SST until the summer with the update.

USB storage support

Image: PlayStation Blog

The possibility of outsourcing games to external hard drives is the first lifeline for gamers struggling with internal storage space. However, there are limitations. Unlike the PlayStation 4 Do not download directly to external storage, And they are not playable. Sony justifies this PS5 titles are designed to use the console’s SSD drive. With the Xbox Series S and Series X, on the other hand, it makes it possible to play games via USB hard drives from previous generations – there is already one more Official Memory Expansion. The new functionality of the PS5 does not require a full re-download of the respective games. After all, copying from an external USB hard drive takes place at an average speed of 150 megabytes per second under optimal conditions, which exceeds the download rates of many Internet connections. We do not have a PS5 console due to delivery issues, but the use of USB storage devices is already in place Since last year This is possible if the hard disk is designed accordingly.

More innovations

Other new features of the update include Generations -Pergrifendus Share Game. This means that PS4 and PS5 players can use Share Play together. For example, a PS5 owner may stream the game screen to a friend on the PS4 and sometimes hand over control to them, for example during the hard part of the game. Of course, it also works in the opposite direction. Cooperative methods can be used for generations.

On top of that, after the update, the selection of your friends’ accessible game sessions should now be more visible on the PS5 and PS4 consoles. In this regard, Sony also adds a “request to join” option. Basically, it is already available on PlayStation 4. Sony has upgraded the PlayStation 5’s game base menu to usability. According to Sony, activating and disabling audio chats is now fast. Also, you can Pre-load game updates nowIf the developers allow it. Last but not least, there is a screen zoom, great customization of the game library and advanced file stats.


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