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Lost in Paradise: Study Games March 24 Xbox, PlayStation and PC |  Xbox One

Lost in Paradise: Study Games March 24 Xbox, PlayStation and PC | Xbox One

Polymorse Studio has released the release date of its post-apocalyptic study game in a video shrouded in mystery: Lost paradise. Offered in 2020 Future sports show, The title was very clever, but, we only recently learned that it will be coming to home consoles and PC on March 24th.

Lost Paradise: Destroyed Europe

The Polish studio invites us to discover an alternative universe in which World War II did not unfold as we know it. Simon, a 12-year-old Polish boy, discovers a Nazi bunker as he crosses the Polish nuclear deserts in a war-torn world that has devastated Europe with nuclear weapons. In search of answers you have to unravel the mysteries surrounding the man in a photo owned by your mother, and then, you will know the truth.

After 20 years of bloody clashes, the clashes erupted when the Nazis fired nuclear missiles at Europe. Since then, the heart of the old continent has become inaccessible to other parts of the world, shrouded in a dense fog of mystery, destruction and radiation.

Sophisticated industrial technology moves into a retro-futuristic bunker intertwined with mysterious Slavic pagan symbols, and then explore the underground city hidden there. Learn about the history of the bunker since the Polish rebels captured it, and then find out what happened to its inhabitants. What happened to them?

Despite the ruins of the bunker rule, Simon communicates using the technology of a particular Eva building. If he finds this mysterious young woman, he will find the identity of the man in the photo. If he sees that young woman, he will no longer be alone …

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Lost paradise Released on March 24, 2021 via Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC Steam and GeoG. Its official release is pending and we invite you to learn more through the 13 minute game video provided by IGN.