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New fascinating images and details in the open world from software -

New fascinating images and details in the open world from software –

Elton Ring Stars in a new series Images e Information Released in these hours from the software, through a presentation behind closed doors for some newspapers, it also showed new game features.

Many elements from these sources have been collected by Nibel on Twitter and, as reported below, many have already been reported Announcements Interesting as far as the new game of software is concerned, it seems to introduce something different than the classic soil-like dynamics.

We are talking about one, in particular Open world True with the possibility of moving through rapid travel, this indicates the presence of a large map in which many ordinary encounters can be seen.

It separates the Elton ring from the somewhat dark souls, inserting elements of remarkable randomness and variation that are very strictly structured in a fixed level design. This Non-linearity and openness He finds himself in possibilities to take different paths and come to different conclusions, which indicates a substantial opportunity entrusted to the player.

Elton Ring especially developed stories and a The most important is the basis of the story Compared to those seen in the past from software, the presence of George R. R. Martin, who formed the basis of the story and structure in this aspect, played a very important role.

As for encounters in the open world, it is pointed out that archers and sorcerers can fight from above horses, thus creating greater agility in conflicts. There are gods too Legacy dungeon These are separated from the world of the map: as previously reported, these are dungeons structured in the usual style, such as soil, somewhat away from the dynamics of the map on the ground.

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Previously, the Elton Ring was officially “hard” and not dubbed in Italian, it appeared on the Steam and PlayStation Store, along with pages with abstracts and wishlists.