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Amazon, Conrad, Otto & Co.

New booth on Amazon, Saturn, Alternative etc.

Lots of potential PlayStation 5 buyers We’ve been waiting for this for weeks, but now it has to be that time again: after executing several previous pre-orders, the 4th wave of the PS5 has already been made to many retailers Saturn, Gamestop or Mediamark Started. But calendar week 9 more sales campaigns are planned by sellers, which is reported by “”. We have all the latest information for you:

07.03. When will Amazon, Saturn and Conrad sell the PS5? | Current status

Update 07.03.:

Everyone knows dealers are blocking weekend sales. Nevertheless, more and more PlayStation 5 teams are on the move for retailers these days. It looks like many small and medium-sized PlayStation 5 sales may resume next week, but the chances of a big PS5 sale will not increase until mid-March / end!

Nevertheless, the past days and weeks have proven: even today, a short-term sale is possible at any time! For distributors and PS5 buyers An eye should be thrown on Sunday, March 7, 2021, Owned, And Replace. D..

Based on the experience of the last few weeks, we strongly advise you to stop again by Amazon & Co, because the PlayStation 5 sale can start at any time without much warning:

Update 05.03.: After this Auto.D The PlayStation 5 went on sale yesterday, and it became clear in the evening that it must have been a very low-end console group. Annoyingly, some buyers complained on Twitter about the cancellation of emails from The online seller noted that the cause was “technical issues” when ordering.

Update March 4, 9:15 AM:

Auto.D PlayStation 5 on sale for a short time! When the console sold a flash, it got a bundle for a short time with “Spider-Man: Miles Morals” and the pure “PlayStation 5: Digital Edition”! But in the meantime the limited group is not back in stock!

Update March 3, 12:00 p.m.: Sell ​​the PlayStation 5 in a bundle with “Immortals: Phoenix Rising” at 11:15 p.m. But not only was the site fully loaded in a short period of time, the sale was completed after a short time. The PS5 bundle has already sold out. It is not yet clear when to expect more PS5 sales today!

Update Morning 03.03:

Tuesday was unsatisfactory in the eyes of PS5 buyers. No merchants have started a big sales campaign. According to, this is due to the fact that there are still some distribution issues around the PlayStation 5. Nevertheless, the situation could change at any time and the PS5 could be surprisingly put up for sale by many retailers.

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Update 02.03:

In view of the “PlayStation 5”, Monday was completely quiet: when are all the potential PS5 buyers waiting with the rest?, Otto.d and Conrad.d Launch their PS5 consoles and bundles. But why these distributors? In fact, Amazon, Otto and Conrad are among the companies that have not launched a PS5 sales campaign in the past two weeks.

At the moment, according to, it looks like several small and large PlayStation 5 console sales will take place this week. But as the last days and weeks have shown, unfortunately at any time there could be a new PS5 sale without warning. Unfortunately, individual retailers have not yet been able to predict when the PS5 will go on sale.


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This is how the PlayStation 5 went on sale last calendar week

25.02. sells PlayStation 5

Update: After “GameStop.D” Around the PlayStation 5 About 11:40 p.m. Put up for sale, all shares rose ca. 11:55 pm. Already Sold out!

02/24 PS5 is currently on sale on Saturn and Mediamark

With and Two more major distributors have new ones “PlayStation 5” consoles Mainly on sale last weekend and at the start of the new week in the form of several sports bundles. This is the last big sale for many PS5 buyers, and it’s been a mixed week: many sales ads have been postponed to a relatively short announcement. In some cases, PS5 groups were sold by a flash. And distributors prefer Expert Their PlayStation 5 went on sale at midnight. Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals.

As of today, February 25th, another dealer still has no sales windows. It is possible, and The PS5 may still go on sale this week or next week. It was not expected until Friday whether it would be Thursday or not.

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02/18 These sellers had PS5 for sale

Update: A small group of PlayStation 5 Spider-Man: Miles Morales: PS5 + Spider-Man

In the last few days, And Euronix.D They put their PlayStation 5 consoles up for sale and saw the biggest urgency. Step ““At least one retailer will start selling the PS5 today: Unfortunately, who it is and when the PlayStation 5 will go on sale are still still open. In fact, retailers are increasingly relying on console bundles with a second controller and possibly PS5-game.

02/15 German sellers do not want to announce sales in advance

Last week was a slump for many PS5 buyers. Only Medimax And Gamestop New groups of PS5 are on sale in Germany. In Austria, was by far the largest seller.

But this week it should finally be ready: any minute is possible New sale of PlayStation 5 consoles In Amazon, Mediamark, Saturn & Co. Get started. Issue: Unfortunately, sellers will not be contacted in advance as to when it will start. “” now reports that there are fears that servers could crash due to customer influx.

Replace. D. For example, PS5 has already officially confirmed that there will be no prior information on sales.

02/11: These distributors have already sold the PS5

It is morning Media- The PlayStation 5 For sale. Initially, both the standard and the digital version were sold. Bundles with games were also later available. All PlayStation 5 variants are now fully resold. Mediamark Germany can follow suit today with a similar offer! He was the first German retailer to launch PS5 sales About 14 hours. After a few minutes that was it PS5 console allocation Already sold out.

02/10 Swiss Merchant makes the start

Swiss retailer “World of Games” becomes first German-speaking retailer ( For sale. Both the regular PS5 (499 Swiss franc) and the digital PS5 (399 Swiss franc) are now available again, and they are only available to the buyer for one copy! It is expected that the next sellers will also start selling in Germany in the coming days. Update: As announced by “World of Games”, all PS5 consoles have already sold out, so the 4th wave had to end sales shortly. So “Sports World” writes: “Unfortunately, our current PS5 consoles have already sold out. So early sales for the PS5 should be put off indefinitely.”

The next Swiss dealer already wants tomorrow, viz Fust.chStart selling PS5. German retailers such as and Saturn D&C are expected to launch the PlayStation 5 over the weekend. We will keep you updated here!

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Buy PS5: When will the 4th wave of sales start?

There is currently no specific information on when that will be Sale Of PlayStation 5 To start. Unfortunately that does not change: ““Reports suggest that German distributors will not be contacting the start of PS5 sales in advance for fear of the urgency of the audience.

However, once it is clear when the official PS5 sale will start, we will try to contact you as soon as possible.

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PS5 Sale: These distributors will probably be coming to the 4th wave!

DualSense controller for PS5
PS5 finally returns to online stores! Sony PlayStation / Xenia Bloom Photo

Meanwhile, information on any distributors has been leaked PS5 Will probably be on sale in the coming days. This includes regular suspects who were on the last wave of sales:





Media Mark





DualSense controller for PS5Gaming

PS5: PlayStation 5 is available today from these retailers | 01.03.

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In principle, all PS5 buyers should only place their orders with well-known retailers and authorized stores because there have been a number of fraud cases in counterfeit stores in the past.

How long will the 4th sales wave of the PlayStation 5 last?

This question is also difficult to estimate: although vendors will receive the largest PS5 console group in February, demand is currently significantly higher than existing products: the PS5 groups may be as big as the last big one sold out in a few minutes. There may be additional sales at least in February, but there will be no new PS5 deliveries for a long time after that.