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Custom version with liquid cooling is an engineering masterpiece -

Custom version with liquid cooling is an engineering masterpiece –

PS5 It starts to get even more in-depth with motors, but you really have to be an expert to create one Change The modeling that created the system is as profound as that provided by the YouTube users of the cafe Liquid cooling Sony has the ability to change the performance and shape of the console.

It goes without saying that they took it a little bit further Design The final look of the PS5 with this hardware change is nothing short of “extraordinary,” but the work done on Modding’s design and technical implementation is truly impressive.

The Form The PS5 base is not really something that goes unnoticed, it can be said, but the use of the chassis created by the motors in question is quite crazy to watch. However, the most important thing is to look at all the work done on the cooling system, which seems to be the most complete and decisive process Professional.

I am Motor Hanno Prima Removed Absolutely PS5 did not sell many parts to allow change, and then they created new ones Elements, From heat sinks to liquid transfer systems, design them with specific software and then create them for all effects using a combination of plastic and metal materials.

Each element looks very elegant and refined, making the construction process a real scene, especially when it comes to custom elements built specifically for the purpose. Apparently, a system Lights Carved isolated palette with RGB and PlayStation icons and some touches of class like a kind of integrated support for DualSense. Too bad Final results Slightly confusing, beautifully speaking.

In the end everything seems to work with a good heat dissipation within the PS5, but above all without trusting the fan: according to the test carried out, Temperature The water inside the cooling system is stable at 37-38 degrees after four minutes, while the inner back plate is at 54.5 degrees after about 20 minutes of use, but without the use of direct fans, practically the rest Quiet.