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Network, messaging and more: Nintendo Game Boy Color Parts Revealed

Twenty years ago, Nintendo worked on Page Boy, a previously unknown accessory for the Game Boy color handheld console. Its purpose is to enable comprehensive mobile functionality that will become standard after many years.

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It’s always exciting to see what ideas Nintendo follows at the pinnacle of its consoles in the secret development sectors. If you look at our Nintendo specials, the company is not shy away from enthusiastic endeavors – and often shows a sense of trends. Now video game historian and journalist Liam Robertson has accurately reported on the hitherto unknown subset of Game Boy Color: The Page Boy.

The idea of ​​the plug-in module is very simple, it’s brilliant and work-based – a module for the yet-to-be-released Game Boy. In the Game Boy Color era of two decades ago, pagers were very common. With PageBoy, Nintendo wanted to bring related radio technology to portable consoles, thus becoming a very common feature in smartphones much later.

As Robertson describes in his YouTube series DidYouKnowGaming, the creators began creating a search engine called “Hear Mario”. In addition, access to information such as news, weather reports and game results should be provided. A messaging function was also planned so that Pageboy users could exchange ideas. Last but not least, “Game Boy TV” was even considered a live broadcast on devices.

Gone in the sand after 3 years

Nintendo is said to have pursued this ambitious plan for about three years. One of the biggest problems: the required radio technology is only available in North America, so it could not have served customers in Europe and Asia.

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