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Test Zoo Omno – Nintendo Switch – ntower

They are still there, these games are incredible due to their large size or their unique graphics. Rather, they evoke emotions in the gaming community by attacking a nerve because they are small works of art within themselves. One such game is Omno, I got to watch. Below you can see why I liked that adventure so much and why the award was given in the end.

Adventure How much can shine on the back of a partner …

© Studio Inkyfox

Omno’s story allows you to take on the role of a terrifying little unknown creature at first. Equipped with a stick, you will be thrown into a stylistic game world without being told much about what you are actually doing. The pieces of the story are told to you in the form of small scripts that you can find in the individual stages of your adventure. In addition, you will encounter all kinds of creatures, which not only look mysterious, but also attract the opportunity to immerse yourself in the game world.

Precisely these 40 species are just one of the strengths of Omno. Some of them roam the country like giant dinosaurs, making the areas lively and at the same time majestic. Your contact with them is limited, but if one of these creatures takes you to a new level or you jump in the air like a giant jellyfish, it exhibits great beauty. In addition, all the species you encounter are recorded in a kind of log book, thus developing a collecting instinct, but you will also get more information.

Far from the big and small giants, the Omno Classic jump is reminiscent of ‘N’ runs. You go through stages that you can independently explore, which are not particularly comprehensive, but large enough. Of these it is important to collect the mysterious energy balls, thus paving the way for your further adventure. The title relies on classic jump columns and little puzzles that never rediscover the wheel. Nevertheless, they can be reliably integrated and in some places become a difficult task.

… like the big neighborhood.

© Studio Inkyfox

This is because, among other things, the skills you gain during a three to four hour adventure. You can teleport yourself at the push of a button, move forward, or browse the floor on your staff. While accuracy is desirable in some places, these all play well. I had a lot of fun trying out the skills because they fit so well in the game world.

Technically, Omno is a completely successful package. The game world is not only beautiful, but also with appropriate sounds. In addition, loading time is limited because these are often hidden in small animations. Although not close to the standard of large series representatives, the control is successful. Overall, Omno delivers a perfectly consistent overall image, which, despite being weak in nuances, deserves an overall award.