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Fast laugh

Netflix: What is this new tab that appeared on your smartphone?

Netflix has introduced a new tab in its interface. Called “For Laughter”, it is inspired by Dictoc and aims to help users choose their favorite new series.

If you recently updated the Netflix app on your smartphone, you may have noticed the integration of a new tab. Because September 23 Last, type “For fun” Called itself in the interface of some Android devices. Directly from the homepage, this new tab allows you to view or review funny footage of the series and images being aired on stage.

Announced in March 2021, this new feature was designed Tic Tac Toe The goal. While the Chinese app has surpassed one billion downloads, there is no doubt that Netflix will retain the attention of its users as they roll their dicktook news feed in greater numbers. Knowing that watching a movie or series can take time, he hopes it will attract the attention of users who want to have a good laugh between the two metro stations.

Thanks to: Journal to Geek

Concrete, like DickTalk, allows users to scroll through the news feed. The app also offers the opportunity to share his findings with his friends via Messenger or directly on Instagram stories.

Highlight your products

For Netflix, this is a simple way to highlight some of its products. The stage no doubt hopes that this will motivate them to start watching, by discovering the series or series of movies. It is no coincidence that Netflix added a button “My list“On the page.

For now, not all devices are affected. On not Google Pixel 3AIt appeared with the new update, which is not the case with most other smartphones. So peel off your eyes.

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