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Xbox Cloud Console Gaming Comes In Beta Today (Xbox Insiders) |  Xbox One

Xbox Cloud Console Gaming Comes In Beta Today (Xbox Insiders) | Xbox One

Microsoft has decided that this Tuesday, September 28th announcements! After an avalanche of news throughout the day at Xbox, Microsoft announced the arrival of Xbox Cloud Gaming on the console.

Play Xbox Game Cases Without Downloading!

First, keep in mind that this option is currently only available for Xbox Insiders members (Alpha Skip-Ahead and Alpha) who have an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription. If you have, you can play Xbox Game Pass games in the cloud from your console.

But what exactly is it for? When you subscribe to the Xbox Game Pass on the console, you need to download the games to your internal storage, which takes up not only space but also time.

With this new option from Xbox Cloud Gaming, you can launch games directly from the cloud without downloading, and they will launch instantly! This is a great way to get a quick idea of ​​the game before downloading.

How To Play Xbox Cloud Gaming Games On Console

To find out what games are available and can be played with this new option, go to your Xbox interface in “My Games and Apps” and then enable the “Cloud Gaming” filter by showing your complete library.

You need to click the “Play” button with the cloud icon to start the game.

Note that the functionality is still in the testing phase. This will be extended to other members of the Xbox Insiders program before it reaches more visitors in the coming weeks. Here is a list of issues already known and associated with Xbox:

  • Users may not be able to launch games that are part of a package (Forza Horizon 4, Hollow: Master Chief Collection, etc.).
  • In-game purchases are not supported when playing the game with cloud gaming on the console. Solution: Buy directly from the store on the console or through You must leave the game and restart it for your purchases to appear.
  • After choosing to install on MRU, locals can see the same game appear twice.
  • Previously installed games on an external hard drive that is not connected to your console cannot be started with Cloud Gaming.
  • Some cloud gaming experiences are shown in English only.
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