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Wear the OS on the Galaxy Watch (Active) 4, it is confirmed

Wear the OS on the Galaxy Watch (Active) 4, it is confirmed

Samsung has confirmed that its next integrated watches will benefit from the connection between the Wire OS and Tyson via the One UI Watch interface. In other words, the Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch Active 4 are affected.

Samsung and root OS

Samsung Watches Benefit From Root OS Upgrades With One UI Watch // Source: Samsung

When MWC 2021, Samsung is a denu A conference dedicated to the ecosystem of Galaxy products. Opportunity to ensure that the South Korean company will benefit from its next watches. “Integrated site between Tyson and Ware OSIn other words: get this new software experience Galaxy Watch4 And See Active 4 Through a UI watch interface.

This is not surprising. Google has previously announced that it will be working with Samsung New interface for connected watches powered by root OS. However, confirmation was expected from Samsung.

Samsung meets this summer

However, Samsung did not name the two watches. This brand was content for the Galaxy to present its brand as an unpacked eventFuture connected watches“. We can only imagine that it will be during the same conference Galaxy Z Fold3, Galaxy Z Flip3 And maybe Galaxy S21 FE Will be formalized. These are just speculations now.

La Samsung Galaxy Watch4

La Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 // Source: 91 Mobiles

Although their brand names were not mentioned during the event, the Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch Active 4 are no longer a mystery as many pictures showing their design have already surfaced on the web.

Promises from Google and Samsung

By linking “Excellent on Tyson and Ware OS”, Samsung and Google thanks to a rich ecosystem for better performance, longer battery life and more applications.

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So expect 30% better operating speed on the Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch Active 4. Better integration with Google apps Maps, News Or YouTube Music Attracts attention.

Google apps on the Samsung Galaxy Watch

Google apps work best on Samsung watches // Source: Samsung

Finally, health monitoring promises to be more accurate because ESIM is available to more operators and users have more freedom to customize their dials. The excellent complementarity with the smartphone is also greatly highlighted in the One UI Watch.

At MWC 2021, Samsung announced the arrival of Wire OS on its next generation smartwatches. Korean company launches smartphones and watches
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