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Netflix, again, changes everything: TV and compatible devices

Netflix, again, changes everything: TV and compatible devices

Netflix, again, changes everything: TV and compatible devices. All users can check if they can use the new codec

More News Netflix (Getty Images)

Technology news is coming to the stage Netflix. Technology upgrade in our country at a moment, through re-tuning DDT, Also provided by the streaming company A different codec that not all TVs can support. The US company officially announced on Tuesday that it had created some fear for all subscribers.

Especially it AV1, High Performance Codec Alliance for Open Media (AOMedia) and no royalties.. Netflix has already been using it to stream to devices since last year Android. It took a long time to get the app on various TVs, but now the release is over.

It is necessary to wait for the further spread of SoCs Capable of supporting hardware decoding, The only possible solution is to rely on software only, which will require computer skills not available on normal TVs.

In addition, by using a partnership Web light A Decoder AV1 Open source for video game consoles. This step will indicate an upgrade for the application Netflix, With many benefits for all users.

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Netflix changes everything: New codec launched to improve quality

New Codec for Netflix (Pixabay)

The Codec AV1 Already supported by such heroes Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, Miscrosoft and Intel. The quality of the videos will definitely be higher and its compression will also improve, allowing it to go faster.

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Speaking of consoles, streaming of movies and series with the new codec can also be bypassed PS4 Pro, If the TV cannot support itself.

For a great start, Netflix Has decided to immediately add the latest series to the new list ‘The House of Paper’.

Currently, the list of TVs and devices compatible with the new AV1 is known by the specialty site. ‘On the edge’, Netflix has not yet officially ruled out. The list is as follows, however something else will be added soon:

  • Smart TV Ultra HD Samsung 2020
  • Smart TV QLED Samsung 2020
  • Smart TV QLED 8K Samsung 2020 8K
  • Smart TV Samsung The Frame 2020
  • Smart TV Samsung The Sheriff 2020
  • Smart TV Samsung The Terrace 2020
  • PS4 Pro
  • Amazon Fire TV Max
  • Android TV devices with Android OS 10 and above