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NEO: The World Ends With You Switch

Neo: The world ends with you!

At the end of November, Square Enix Caused surprise by the announcement Neo: The world ends with you, A direct sequel to the popular action-RPG that was released Nintendo DS In 2007 Then came out of the closet for a version Click A few months after this big announcement, Japanese Studio released a new trailer and revealed the title release date: So it’s July 27th We can face the Reapers and their terrifying game again with ridiculous rules!

Taking the universe of the first chapter, Neo: The world ends with you Let the company relax again in the heart of Tokyo Laughing And its allies. Change to Click Offers more possibilities than probably D.S.. Special attacks to seize victory in the colorful streets of the Japanese capital. You can walk out of these conflicts there, and there is a real agility with detailed settings, especially if we believe the trailer that was released, a lot of human life Square Enix.

Coincidentally, the publisher announced a PC version Neo: The world ends with you Was on track, so who will join the editions Click And PS4 Planned from the beginning. Finally, keep in mind that the animated film showing the story of the first game is also in the game, which is being released in Japan today.