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Neo – Ego Mobility with shell for low battery-full battery transfer

Electric refueling stations that use the principle of exchange between a flat battery and a battery with 100% power, of course, solve all problems with autonomy and charging pressure. This is why Bev Neo’s Chinese manufacturer, which has already replaced more than 300 stations with robotic batteries at home, is now looking with great interest in Europe and especially in Norway, the country with the highest density of 100% electric cars.
Aiming for rapid expansion in this area – as well as SUVs and electric sedans introduced in Europe – Nio has entered into a strategic cooperation agreement with Shell, among other things, starting from Norway and installing batteries in Europe. Alternative stations for electric models.
Neo and the Dutch energy company have agreed to work together to “jointly develop and operate battery charging and replacement facilities” by setting up the first 100 stations in China by 2025.
Currently only available to owners of Neo brand cars, these ‘eco-distributors’ can remove an empty battery without operator intervention and replace a fully charged battery in three minutes, which is significantly faster than fast charging and charging systems. Need to refuel.

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