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NASA has released a preview image showing the depths of the universe

NASA has released a preview image showing the depths of the universe

Only a few days left to discover the first high-resolution color photographs taken The James Webb Space Telescope. waiting, NASA An unusual figure that testified to the depths of the universe revealed an appetite.

The image, the result of 72 exposures over 32 hours, was taken by the telescope’s precision guidance finder, which allows sophisticated craft to target objects of interest and focus upwards.

She records “In the midst of Deep images of the universe never did”The US space agency commented on A statement.

“A shocking sight”

The image provides, according to NASA, “A Fascinating View” The scientific community and thousands of amateurs are eagerly awaiting: the release of the first high-resolution color images of the web is scheduled for July 12.

“It’s more than anything humanity has ever seen before.”Bill Nelson, head of the US agency, warned in late June during a press conference at the Space Telescope Science Institute, the operations center of this $10 billion engineering jewel that launched in December. Earth.

James Webb can do better than any telescope thanks to instruments that sense infrared signals that allow him to peer into the universe through its massive primary mirror and dust clouds.

Observation of the first galaxies formed after the Big Bang

James Webb specifically should make it possible to observe the first galaxies and exoplanets that formed a few hundred million years after the Big Bang.

On July 12, NASA plans to make public the James Webb Telescope’s first spectroscopy of a particularly distant planet.

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Spectroscopy is a tool that can determine the chemical and molecular composition of distant objects and, in the case of a planet, can help determine its atmosphere, detect the presence of water, or analyze its soil.

NASA has released a preview image showing the depths of the universe