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Naoki Yoshida agrees -

Naoki Yoshida agrees –

The fall of Babylon Apparently it really is some Recycled materials Gives Final Fantasy XIV, Especially with regard to the armor of characters that Square Enix has already used to exploit assets in his famous MMORPG, which was recently confirmed by Platinum Games, although Navogi informed Yoshida and agreed to the action.

Yosuke Saito, The maker of Platinum Games and responsible for the fall of Babylon, confirmed in a post on the official blog that some of the shields and emotions in the game were already created for Square Enix ‘already exploited assets for Final Fantasy XIV. , But it was a decision made Agreement With other developers.

Saito announced that Yoshida had attended a presentation on the fall of Babylon, during which he offered his support to support the development: “By borrowing some data, we were able to implement Wide variety Equipment and emotions better than we originally planned, “Saito explained.

“Although it should be clear, the appearance of many armored warriors is unique and unheard of available in the game, only found in the fall of Babylon.

Items taken from Final Fantasy XIV were used for equipment in the introductory and intermediate stages, which is why they are visible above all else. Beta testing“It simply came to our notice then.

For his part, Yoshida confirmed that he knew and was aware of the matter Platinum promoted sports To use some Final Fantasy XIV assets: “As a player and developer I’m a huge fan of online games,” he said. There are a lot of things. “

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