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"With His Civil Litigation"

“With His Civil Litigation”

Following the urgent investigation into the Rome State Attorney’s Office’s investigation into the double abuse of Giuseppe Conte’s former partner, attorney Luca de Dona, and Lariodota attorney Gianluca Esposito, he was charged with various offenses. More than 10 suspects, criminal association and illicit influence kidnapping, Barleta group thought to provide some details, for its part, regarding the story of Hotel SantaVenere in Marathi.
“The interested single intelligence unit – the Barleta Group’s press office recalled – was about the professor’s offer to the Barletta Group.

Civil case with evidence of Esposito

In October 2020 – the press office of the Barletta Group continued – a regular consulting agreement was written with Professor Esposito; Then, already in the first months of 2021, without even submitting a request for funding to Invitalia, the Barleta team contacted the professor. I have the intention not to use this tool and, as a result, to terminate the consulting agreement. This led to a legal dispute between the Barletta Group and the relevant professional, which is still ongoing, and to date no amount has been paid to the consultant. The only opportunity for a professional meeting between the professors was explained. The Esposito and Parletta Group, which settled a pending civil dispute between the parties and launched it last June, “before we know it’s an investigation today.”

Invitalia Still Antratocolt Application

“It should be reiterated – the Press Office added – that the Barletta Group did not receive any support, in any form, from Invitalia, but did not ask for it in the sense that it was never physically completed. No fees or other rights have been paid to Esposito in any form; no professional relationship with Professor Gianluca Esposito’s brother Esposito has yet been activated, so no compensation has been accepted or awarded to him.

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Margin Notes

For Capitoline investigators, in support of the indictment hypothesis, “a series of intercepted conversations with a clear period”. Lawyer Esposito “who has no formal relationship with the Invitalia structure, is being funded by the Barlita group and is interested in public funds (. 30.40 million) to carry out the reconstruction of a luxury hotel in Marathia. At one meeting, Esposito Barleta’s right-hand man, Kalsa, admits: “Claudio was with me in the plan, telling the manager not to write a tax on the application if you have not submitted the application. Should be “. But Esposito wanted to follow another path: ிறோம் We try to make sure that the question is obtained with the same definite design ….

Because the projector is being investigated for legal damages
Priority access to the approval of a public official, as Roman lawyers have explained, “undermines his impartiality”. In the case of the Santavener the payment for the personal loan incurred by the arbitrator, Esposito, is with reference to the error from which this payment was made. Through the incentive given to the individual, the privilege of access, instead of the authorities, to overcome the filter of equal opportunities, through the secret corridor of the special relationship. “It’s undeniable – analysts say – that the resulting risk is to shift a decision-making center from public administration to a hidden center, in which the protection of private property interests will be paramount.” As recalled by Barletta Group, the data on “further necessary investigation developments”, of course thanks to the panel’s reference, were able to know the unknown details of the relationship with attorney Larioda Esposito, but in any case it is necessary to wait for the outcome of the investigation.

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