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Murad-sur-Vabre.  Trail My Terrace D'Oak now has its website

Murad-sur-Vabre. Trail My Terrace D’Oak now has its website

In these times of epidemics the initiatives are somewhat limited and when a young woman has the courage and initiative to get down to the organization of a race, it can only help her to publish this information!

Marine Kwasnik, who is passionate about trail running and everything to do with nature, begins her full energy on a sports project. He developed his company Au Pas de courses. It was created in 2021 and specializes in organizing sport-related events, especially track running.

To prove itself and to intervene as a service provider, to take responsibility for tasks related to improving sports and landscape activities, it organizes its own race. It originally had the name Trail My Terrace de Oak. Therefore, three events are scheduled for September 11 from La Salve: the Ultra Trail for high athletics will cover 104 km (departing from La Salve at 6 am), followed by a narrow 24 km route and a 13 km discovery route.

Trail N Terres de Oak wants to take into account the needs of the runners and the needs of those who will be following them to this event. Runners will then be provided with functions at supply points, allowing people to wait until the runner has passed, while at the same time locating the territory and its players.

You can download the “Companion Guide” from the website. This guide has all the information you need to have a good time during this event. Do not hesitate to contact Marine through the contact form if you have any questions. Events will take place in Nagas, Murad and La Salvettat-sur-Agout. All information about

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