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Municipal Forum for Children Activated in Schools: Download the Regulatory Model

Municipal Forum for Children Activated in Schools: Download the Regulatory Model

Municipal councils for boys crossed the Alps in France and came to light in 1979, forty years ago. The first CCR was born in Schildenheim as the smallest French municipality in which the mayor and local politicians dreamed of creating a political institutional organization in which children and young people could, in the first person, express their interests. In the months since that day, more than a thousand CCRs have been born in France and municipalities, not just in them, but in many schools of all kinds and at all levels. In Italy, the first RACs were born with the voluntary actions of the first citizens of small and large cities, who accepted UNICEF’s call and became the first and foremost “children’s ombudsman”. The UNICEF proposal actually recommended the implementation of the code model for boys and girls, boys and even girls adults.

In recent years, in Italy, the number of RACs has increased dramatically from a few tens to a few thousand, and continues to increase thanks to the fact that many educational institutions make the same choice made by civic administrations.

What are RACs

Why are RACs born? What value should we place on these formal choices?
RACs are strategic choices of education for democratic and civic participation for all citizens, and they are opportunities for positive action as the living conditions of children represent the primary environmental indicators of the life of the whole community.

In other words, we can summarize that RACs give their importance to boys and girls and to women and boys in all respects as citizens. In fact we are all. To achieve this, children need the support of more mature and more responsible adults, who are willing to listen and analyze, i.e. facilitators.

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Schools, teachers, adults, seniors and associations

The first adults to be obligated in this direction were the mayor and municipal executives. Transformational regulatory sensitivity (through the introduction of civic education), for this purpose is part of their teaching and its teachers need to be supported by the educational institution, the family-controlled schools. And other social forces. Other persons to be drawn into this civic process are the elderly, those whose values ​​and important experiences are often underestimated and, along with them, many young people who are involved in the civil service and operators who operate in associations.

Why a School JRC’s School Control

It was precisely born to teach young people to be active and vigilant citizens and to cultivate a sense of belonging to their own country. For example, “Falcomat – Archie” directed by school manager Dr. Serabina Corrado is shown by the visionary and dense selection developed by Regio Calabria’s comprehensive company.


CCR is a real place for exchange, proposal and reflection, where children are the active and positive heroes of their country’s life, according to the terms of the comprehensive company “Falcomat – Archie” of Reggio Calabria, directed by Todd. Serabina Corrado.

The organization has a proposal and consultation process for issues and problems related to complex administrative action to be expressed through requests for feedback or information to the city council on various needs and demands coming from the world of youth or citizens. General.

Functions of JRC

The JRC performs its functions independently and autonomously: its organization and electoral rules are governed by these regulations.

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The Children’s Municipal Council (which is elected by each individual body) can advise on the following matters:

  • School;
  • Environmental policy;
  • Sports, movement and health;
  • Solidarity and social services;
  • Legitimate respect for one’s own artistic and cultural heritage.

Operating system

The decisions taken by the JRC in the form of proposals and comments are uniformly recorded and submitted to the municipal administration if required. Furthermore, the JRC may ask the mayor to put a specific topic for its discussion on the agenda of the City Council.