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Windows 11 gets strong improvements after user reviews

Windows 11 gets strong improvements after user reviews

Microsoft has been making improvements in various areas of Windows 11. Switching between browsers is greatly simplified.

It’s been almost two months since the launch of Windows 11 (

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) Has passed and Microsoft is now very active in user criticism. A new preview version of Windows Insider is available, with a variety of new features and enhancements. Among other things: the more complex change before the browser has been greatly simplified because one click again in the future will suffice.

In particular, the invention is included in Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22509, which Microsoft is offering to Windows Insiders this weekend. For all other Windows 11 users, upgrades are unlikely until 2022. Major changes:

  • In the settings under Apps and browser input (eg Apps, Standard Apps, Firefox), the button that users can now use to specify that the browser in question will become the default browser on the system appears. So far, switching browsers has been more complicated, as we have done

    This post
    But there is bad news: for some file types, Microsoft’s Edge will be the default browser regardless of the new button, e.g. To open PDF files. Maybe it will be upgraded again.

New layouts for the Start menu

  • Microsoft adds additional layouts to the Start menu. For example, users may show more backed up applications or recommended files. Many users still prefer the additional design options for the Start menu, but at least Windows 11 developers are heading in the right direction here …

  • If two monitors are connected to the computer, the time and date are now displayed on both monitors in the taskbar at the bottom right. “Finally,” many screen users will say about this improvement.

  • You can use other improvements and bug fixes

    See release notes here.

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