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MSI Center Download |  Texpot

MSI Center Download | Texpot

MSI Center is a brand new platform that integrates all the unique features of MSI. All your favorite features like game mode or smart preference can now be found on the feature packages page. Create your own control center the way you want it! All the latest MSI features like Smart Image Finder, MSI Companion will be added to the new MSI hub. Try the more innovative MSI Center, which you can build by playing it like a pro.

Designing feature packages

The brand new MSI Center has all the exclusive modular and customizable functions. Now you can install only the features you need and avoid unnecessary workload on your computer.

Theme change

The MSI hub can be used with soft light mode. Or try a dark mode that is easy on the eyes in dark environments.

Technically savvy

MSI laptops come standard with the exclusive MSI AI engine, which is capable of delivering brand new smart features. The AI ​​revolution has come to MSI laptops.

Smart automation

MSI Smart Auto allows users to actively detect the laptop instead of having to manually select application modes. So your MSI laptop will automatically do what the user wants.

Support MSI motherboard models:

  • Intel Series motherboard with X299 / 300/400/500/600 or newer
  • AMD Series motherboard with X399 / TRX40 / A320 / 400/500 or newer

Supports MSI laptop models:

  • Gaming Series laptops have the 11th General Intel processor or newer
  • AMD 5000 processor or newer gaming series laptops

Nvidia GPU:

  • GeForce RTX 30 Series: Models Supreme / Gaming Trio / Gaming / Windows 3X / Windows 2X / Windows 2X XS / Aero IDX
  • Série GeForce RTX 20: Models Lightning / Gaming Trio / Gaming / Sea Hawk / Sea Hawk Eke / Duke
  • GeForce GTX16 Series: Gaming Models
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  • Radeon RX 6000 Series: Gaming Trio / Gaming / Mac Models
  • Radeon RX 5000 Series: GAMING / EVOKE models

Supports MSI desktop models:

  • MEG / MPG Gaming Series desktop computers 11th General Intel processor or newer.
  • 11th General Intel processor or the new Creator Series desktops.
  • 11th generation Intel processor or newer PRO series desktop computers.
  • Modern series all-in-one computers with the 11th General Intel processor or newer.

Sports equipment:

  • Claviers VIGOR: GK60 / GK50 Series / GK30 Series
  • Mouse clutch: GM50 / GM41 / GM30 / GM20 series / GM11 / GM08 series
  • IMMERSE Helmets: GH61 / GH50

Mark: MSI recommends all users to upgrade from MSI Dragon Center to MSI Center for a better user experience. MSI Dragon Center and MSI Center cannot be installed simultaneously.

Full release notes and manual are available Here.