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Lisa’s Cosplay of Lataliumos makes a huge impact – Nert 4.Life

Kensh’s impact It has attracted the anger of many fans in recent days for a number of reasons. However, most players continue to enjoy the game of Myhoyo without asking too many questions. The reason? The quality of the game and the beauty of the characters. In fact, the latter has been very popular with gossip players since it was released for free. Lataliumos, For example, he gives us Lisa Cosplay; The result has a huge impact.

You can also see it from the shot shared by Lataliumos on Instagram, you can see it below, This Cosplay respects the original style of Kenshi’s attacking character. miHoYo has chosen the most cartoon / anime style, with detailed and sometimes very agile designs. Lisa is definitely one of the latter.

However, Ladaliumos Cosplay is not new to the world, and it is not new to characters who are not afraid to show a little more skin. However, what is important The dress selected by Cosplayer is of high quality and finished in every detail. The shot is also interesting, thanks to the bright location: the idea that this photo gives is very relaxing.

Also, if you are a fan of Jens’ influence, do not miss the Barbara Gospel written by Newix: it is studied in detail. Changing genre, Daniela’s Cosplay from How not to appreciate the 2B gospel written by Nichiru: This is stern beauty. Finally, we close with Mis Lady Cosplay, the MD of Misprigosplay.

What do you think of this new Lataliumos Cosplay? Is this one of your favorite gossip players?

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