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Armistice Day

MPs generally ‘must download a poppy’ and donate online during the lockout

Day of War

With Govt-19 restrictions traditionally affecting the sale of poppies ahead of Memorial Day, an MP has said he will not resign. He asked the public to “download a poppy” and donate online instead.

Conservative MP Andy Carter (Warrington South) said virus controls could affect the Royal British Legion’s annual poppy collection.

He told the Commons: “Those restrictions do not allow poppy sellers, many of whom are soldiers, to stand in the streets and raise funds for the Royal British Army.”

During business questions, he asked General President Jacob Reese-Mock: “I wonder if he will join me in encouraging everyone to log on to the Royal British Territory website online, download a poppy and donate. Do you continue to support veterans and their families? ”

Memorial Field at Westminster Abbey in 2018 (Kirsty O'Connor / BA)
Memorial Field at Westminster Abbey in 2018 (Kirsty O’Connor / BA)

Responding Mr Reese-Mock said: “Poppy sellers are a wonderful part of our nation’s fabric.

“They are a diverse group of people with such a commitment to remembering those who gave their lives to ensure that they can live freely.

“So, if people can’t do what they usually do, they should go to the website and say that they have to donate that way. , It is a plastic container.

“But everyone in this congregation knows what I mean.”

Next Wednesday, on Armed Forces Day, MPs will hold a special public discussion on their contribution to the Armed Forces and the community.

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