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Man held for downloading videos of coaching centres, selling them at discounted rates

Man arrested for downloading training center videos and selling them at a discount: The Tribune India

New Delhi, November 5

Police said Thursday that a 22-year-old civil service activist has been arrested for downloading paid videos from a private training center and selling them at a discounted price on online sites.

The accused, Priyadarshan Tiwari, was educated at a reputed school, B.A. He holds a degree in Honors and currently holds an MA in Political Science.

Police said Mukherjee bought the paid application of a reputed training center in the city under a fake name and downloaded the videos and shared them on online sites via telegraph, Google Drive and YouTube.

He also collected videos from other training centers and sold them to civil service activists at a discounted price.

Police said the matter came to their attention after a complaint was lodged with the police from a training center against unidentified individuals who had carried out organized frauds by copying, downloading and seizing intellectual property.

He complained that he launched a mobile app for Android-powered mobile phones and tablets in May to provide training due to the COVID-19-induced locking, but in October, he learned that videos uploaded to his mobile app were available on the YouTube channel ‘e-Learning’.

The complainant inquired further into the matter and contacted a person at iCloud ID who allegedly tried to sell videos of his own training classes at a discounted price.

Police said a case has been registered at the Mauritius police station based on his complaint.

Using a technical investigation, the bank account where the money was obtained from the accused was found and a police officer said he was arrested.

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“During the trial, the accused opened his training institute in Moo, Uttar Pradesh under the name of Vision Educare and shifted it to Delhi, where he wanted to open his own Civil Services Training Center and appear for UPSC.

“He learned about the various telegram groups that provide videos of training classes, and because he wanted to prepare for the civil service, he contacted several people in Telegram and bought an online application under the pseudonym Virat Tiwari,” said Deputy Ando Alphonse. Commissioner of Police (North).

The accused then shared the user ID and password of the online application brought by Telegram. The official said he also downloaded the videos and stored them on Google Drive and YouTube.

Police have recovered a mobile phone number SIM used to open accounts on bank, debit card and mobile phones, including the iPhone 6S, which contains the iCloud ID, Gmail ID and YouTube channel mentioned in the victim’s complaint.

Police said a laptop was also recovered from the accused, who had several videos of training classes. PTI