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Mozilla Thunderbird 102 Download |  Texpot

Mozilla Thunderbird 102 Download | Texpot

Email Account Setup Wizard

Before this feature, you need to know your IMAP, SMTP and SSL / TLS settings. All you have to do now is enter your name, email address and password and the Email Account Setup Wizard will check our database and find your email settings.

Customized email addresses


Have you ever dreamed of having a personalized email address (such as “”) for you, your family, or your business? Thunderbird makes it easy – you can sign up for a new email address on Thunderbird, and everything will be set up automatically, so you’re ready to send and receive.

One click address book

One-click address book is a quick and easy way to add people to your address book. Add people by clicking the star icon in the message you receive. Two clicks and can add additional details like photo, birthday and other contact information.

Link Reminder

Link Reminder Reminds you to search for the word link (and other words like file types) in the body of your message and to add a link before pressing send.

Multi-channel chat

With the support of multiple networks, enjoy real-time chat with your contacts right from your favorite messaging app. Thunderbird makes it easy to search through past conversations and received emails.

Tabbed Email

Thunderbird reflects the new look and feel of Mozilla Firefox with the aim of providing a uniform user experience across all desktop or mobile Mozilla software and across all platforms.

Tabbed emails allow you to load emails into separate tabs so you can quickly switch between them. Tabs appear at the top of the menu bar, which provides a more powerful visual experience and allows toolbars to be more eco-friendly.

Tabbed emails allow you to keep multiple emails open for easy reference. Double-clicking or pressing Enter on an email message will open that message in a new tab.

When you exit Thunderbird, visible tabs are saved and reset the next time you open Thunderbird. The Tab Toolbar also has a Tap menu, which lets you switch between tabs.

Search the internet

Now you can search the internet without leaving Thunderbird. Type what comes to mind in Thunderbird’s search box and choose from a variety of search engines.

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You can start your web search by customizing the words in your email, right-clicking and selecting “Search the Internet:”.

Quick Filter Toolbar

Quick Filter Toolbar lets you filter your emails faster. Start typing words in the quick filter search box and the results will be displayed immediately. Or filter your email with new messages, tags and contents in your address book. You can “pin” or save the filter and use it in multiple folders.

Research tools

Thunderbird’s search interface has filtering and chronological tools to accurately identify the email you are looking for. Thunderbird encrypts all your email and chat conversations. Because your search results are displayed in a tab, you can easily switch between your search results and other emails.

News Archive

Even if you think you will need the email in the future and want to remove it from your inbox without deleting it, archive it! Archive helps you manage your inbox and keep your emails in the archive folder system.

To archive your email, select the Archive button or press the “A” key.

Activity Manager

Thunderbird version 91 is only available as a direct download from, and is not an update to Thunderbird version 78 or earlier. Future releases will provide updates to previous releases.

What a novelty

Thunderbird 102 Here it is! On behalf of the entire Thunderbird team, I am pleased to announce the availability of our annual major release. Thunderbird 102 is packed with the most requested features and we hope you enjoy them.

It includes upgraded icons, color folders and quality of life improvements such as a redesigned news header. To bring you closer than ever to the people you interact with, Brand opens a new address book. Also, new tools to help you manage your data, speed up your processor, and increase your productivity. We even bring the Matrix to the party!

Thunderbird’s New Address Book102

We’re teased a new address book in the past, and it’s finally coming to Thunderbird 102. The updated design not only makes it easier to get to and communicate with your contacts, but also comes with new features that help you better understand who you are. In contact with.

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The new address book is compatible with vCard specifications, which are the standard for storing contacts. If your application (like Google Contacts) or device (iPhone, Android) can export existing contacts in vCard format, Thunderbird can import them. As you can see from the screenshot above, each contact card acts as a boot pad for sending messages, sending emails or creating events related to that connection.

We add several additional fields to each contact entry, and they are much better and clearer than before. Your contacts are getting a serious update on Thunderbird 102! There is still a lot to share on this front page, so check out this blog to immerse yourself deeply in the new address book in the future.

Spaces Toolbar

One of the basic themes of the Thunderbird 102 is the ease of use of the software and the excellent visual cues that enhance your productivity. The new space toolbar is a simple and convenient way to move between different functions in use. Manage your email, work with contacts through this awesome new address book, calendar and to-do functionality, chat and add-ons!

If you want to save screen space, you can close the Spaces toolbar and instead go through the new Spaces tab that has been made later to replace the various functions provided by Thunderbird. (Shown on the left side of the top tabs). To the left of the tabs is the Back-made Spaces tab with different functions.

Attach the overlay cards

Want to share the link with your friends or colleagues, but want to make it a little more neat? Our new link preview cards do just that. When pasting a link in the compose window, we ask you (via the tip you can turn off) if you would like to see a detailed preview of that link. This is a great way for your recipient to see at a glance what they are clicking on, and the best way to further polish your emails if you wish!

Account Setup Center at Thunderbird 102

In previous versions, we improved the initial accounting system. Automatic detection of calendars and address books works best when setting up email! But managing accounts and setting up additional accounts lags behind your initial setup. We are updating this experience on Thunderbird 102.
Need to use Thunderbird without an email account? We know you exist and we make it easy for you! After installing the software, you will now be redirected to the Account Center below instead of setting up a new email account. You are free to configure Thunderbird in any order you choose, and only the items you select.

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Import / Export Guide

And it is the perfect replacement for the brand new import and export tool. Moving Accounts and Data to Thunderbird should be fun! So far, you’ve had to use add-ons for this, but we’re happy to share that this is a basic functionality with Thunderbird 102. A step-by-step guide will provide a guiding experience on importing all of this important data. To you. Switching from Outlook, SeaMonkey or any other Thunderbird installation is easier than ever.

We also take extra precautionary measures to ensure that no data on your profile is accidentally copied after import. To this end, none of the actions you choose will be executed until the last step of the process. Like the new address book, take a deeper look at the new import / export tool in a future blog post.

Matrix chat support

We obviously prefer open source, which is one of the reasons we added the popular and popular matrix chat protocol to Thunderbird 102. For those who like the beta, you know it’s an option since version 91, but it’s finally going to be usable in this new version. We will continue to create updates for the Matrix experience, and we welcome your feedback.

Redesigned news headline

Another UX / Visual update can be found in the redesign of all important news headlines. The updated design highlights important information better and makes it more responsive and easier to navigate.

All of these improvements are expected to boost towards the big Thunderbird 114 “Supernova” release in 2023 but are confident steps that will provide a completely modernized overhaul of the Thunderbird interface.