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Are APK application files secure?  Huawei says more about this

Are APK application files secure? Huawei says more about this

Asked by Digital trendsJaime Gonzalo, head of Huawei’s mobile services division in Europe, explains that all sites referred to by users are legitimate. They are all represented by search engines and must be officially registered with a company in Europe or the United States.

There are several systems in place to ensure that the APK source is reliable. ” To evaluate the reliability, we review the site and the popularity of the application, and make sure that the latest version of the application has the latest security links on this page. At the end of the process, we perform an internal test for the malware Says Jaime Gonzalo

During the download, the integrity of the application is checked so that it does not crash or install another APK in parallel. Make sure the app does not do anything unexpected, such as malware and virus protection, trying to gain unauthorized access. If the artificial intelligence detects a problem, the installation will automatically pause.

Huawei assumes that the security risk is minimal by installing the APK file. Of the 830 million apps downloaded by Petal Search, half came from the APK, not the apps gallery. Of course, risk is always there. If you read the club diligently, you will know that even the Play Store apps are routinely backed up to host all kinds of malware.

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