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100% Xbox exclusive Starfield, confirmation comes from the most reliable sources - Nert 4.Life

Bethesda – Nert 4. According to a study conducted by Life, spacecraft are customizable

According to a poll conducted by Bethesda among its fans, it is possible Spacecraft of Starfield They will be Customizable, Even if we do not know to what extent. After all, we’ve already talked about this aspect of the game in the past, even through rumors, and it’s only a small confirmation if we want to.

Whatever poll Is very clear in this sense and asks players to give a personal assessment of the sentence. “I spend a lot of time building my character, my house and the spacecraft.

As reported on Reddit, many immediately read it as a kind of acknowledgment, i.e. a way of expressing some Features Of the game to see the reactions of the most emotional audience. However, others tried to dampen the excitement, saying it could be features that could be added to postfield admissions at Starfield.

Still others point out that this survey does not give a direct reference to Starfield, and gets some clear answers: What other Bethesda sports spacecraft might be in development? Of course senior scrolls are not VI.

What to add? For now, Starfield remains a mystery, but it is almost certain that we will find out more in the coming weeks as Microsoft and Bethesda may present this exclusively as an Xbox. Some like it in 2021, others in 2022. Whatever happens, we are almost there.