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Modified Soap - Nert 4. Life Arrested in Japan for sale

Modified Soap – Nert 4. Life Arrested in Japan for sale

Pokemon sword and shield Being a 23-year-old man ends up in the center of a strange news case in Japan Arrested In the charges Sale of Modified Soap, Asahi News reported.

This young man who lives unemployed in Nagoya seems to have specialized Modding Pokemon sword and shield characters, especially Sopil, by performing a The game’s “hacking” And modification to distinguish the characteristics of the organism from the quality.

The details are not yet clear, but the subject in question appears to have sold the creature later modified: in this case, there is a case that a sophomore was sold for 4,400 yen or about $ 40 a man from Kyoto, but that is not the only case.

The young man would have sold the mutated animals within a year and earned about 1,150,000 yen or so. , 000 11,000. This system involves software conversion through the PC, with a process that appears to be very similar to the classic moding of the computer, but we are well aware of how Nintendo handles these types of things.

It is, therefore, alleged that the rules established by the Unjust Competition Prevention Act have been violated and the matter is being taken very seriously in Japan. On the other hand, Kyoto is really non-stop when it comes to home Violations Regarding its intellectual properties, as evidenced by the recent compensation sought from the dealer Uberchips or Mary for the real Mario Kart on the streets of Tokyo.