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Garante Privacy, attenzione ai microfoni accesi in smartphone e tablet: cosa sapere

Beware of smartphone microphones: what to do

The Privacy Guarantee wants to see clearly Using “Spy” microphones Skills And tablets unbeknownst to users. The Commission for the Protection of Personal Data in Italy has opened an investigation into the illegal acquisition and transfer of information defined as “stolen” by some processors asking for information in the background.

Privacy, Microphones Enabled on Smartphones and Tablets: Warranty Opens a Trial

This is an event that the Commission now considers “increasingly widespread”, By downloading applications on our mobile phone and, more or less by conscious consent, in access permissions to the service, by activating the microphone.

“Once you agree, without thinking too much and without inquiring about the use of your data, Game over“It simply came to our notice then.

This effort is illustrated Confirms, Was born after airing a TV service on the subject and above allSends reports from various consumers According to it “Just a few words about their tastes, plans, trips or simple desires to see a car, a travel company, a cosmetics coming on a mobile phone.”

The satirical news program raised this issue Remove messages With a service that aired last September 27, the reporter tested the real-time correspondence between the verbal expression of their tastes and preferences and the advertising received on their device.

In collaboration with Cardia de Finanza’s special privacy and technology fraud unit, the commission has launched an investigation that examines the most downloaded processors and verifies that the information provided to its users is clear and transparent. Approval was obtained correctly (Privacy warning was raised in this regard) Share)

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Privacy Guarantee, Focus on Microphones Enabled on Smartphones and Tablets: How to Disable It

To protect against “stolen” applications, the guarantor is waiting to be notified The user can verify that the access to his smartphone’s microphone is authorized and can be resolved by disabling the permissionsThrough the following procedures:

  • By going to Settings> Privacy> Microphone on the iOS platform and selecting the option that allows the app to use the audio input.
  • On Android Path Settings> Privacy> Manage Permissions> Through Microphone