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One month before the release date of the Mass Effect Legendary Edition Gold - Nerd 4. Life

Mod used as a benchmark for graphics quality –

Bioware has used some Mod Available for original episodes of such Mass Effect trilogy Benchmark For graphic quality The legendary version of the mass effect. Mac Walters, project director for PC Cameron’s microphones, said the development team had tried several methods at the beginning of the project, aiming to establish their quality as a starting point and make it better.

Of course Bioware is accessible to everyone Original resourcesUnlike motors, which create the game, so the goal is impossible.

To confirm this process, Environment Director Kevin Meek was initially more skeptical of some mods than others, especially delegates.Artificial intelligence Graphics resources were on the rise, but they were amazed at what they could do: “They achieved excellent results with numerous textile mods and other similar mods, thus giving us more confidence in the path they chose. We know that AI-based improvements can be used and can get the same or better results than them due to some advantages they do not have. We can work in uncompressed systems, so at full resolution. They worked on a compressed one and put it on disk, so they upgraded it.

Inspired by other mods for the legendary version of the Bioware Mass Effect, that is, they add Hairstyles Shepherd or people who allow you Change style, Is very popular among gamers.

The Mass Effect Legendary version will be available for PC, Xbox One and PS4 from May 14, 2021, but we remind you of the rest that it will be backwards compatible with the PS5 and Xbox Series X and S.

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