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Minus 17 degrees Celsius at night: Weather service warns of severe frosts in Berlin and Brandenburg - Berlin

Minus 17 degrees Celsius at night: Weather service warns of severe frosts in Berlin and Brandenburg – Berlin

Snow, drizzle and sunshine: The weather in the capital area has everything it can offer for the past few days. Next action: “Moderate to severe frost”. The German Meteorological Service has warned.

The influence of high pressure and dry Arctic cold winds determines the weather over Christmas in Berlin and Brandenburg. On the afternoon of the first holiday, permafrost prevails, with temperatures not exceeding -4 to -1 degrees.

Sunday night will be very icy: then low temperatures of -8 to -14 degrees are possible. Sometimes the snow falls, and then the thermometer drops to -17 degrees internally. In some places, fog or fog is expected.

Due to the snowfall, slippery surfaces can be expected from Saturday evening, but also on the morning of Boxing Day.

Sunday is again sunny widely. In the evening there are some cloudy fields from Flamingo to Elster, but it is dry. Temperatures between -5 and -1 degrees are expected to be the maximum values, with weak winds blowing from the east.

It will be partly snowy and snowy from Monday

Monday will also be foggy and cold. The temperature drops again to -6 to -11 degrees. From Brignets to Haveland to Elster, there may be local drizzle or snow in the morning, which can cause slippery conditions locally.

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The day should generally be very cloudy. At temperatures around the freezing point, we can expect some temporary showers in the western parts of Brandenburg, sometimes in the form of snow, sometimes with showers, or even frost with black snow locally.

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On Tuesday, the maximum temperature in the range of 0 to 4 degrees will reach again. However, rainfall can be expected to vary greatly from one place to another, from rain to frost. (Teaspoon)