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Download Green Pass on your smartphone after vaccination

Download Green Pass on your smartphone after vaccination

The hunt for Green Boss A few days ago, especially indoors, the use of green certification was official in Italy. How to go Download Tamil Passport this vaccine on your smartphone?

Download Green Pass, here’s how

As mentioned, the Green Pass officially came into effect in Italy on August 6, in the presence of a negative buffer (which lasts 48 hours) or is already issued to existing ones Govt Recently of course, however, it has begun to promote vaccines, so it is released immediately after the first dose of the vaccine, and is available to anyone who has been vaccinated before. So what to do to get it?

Basically, it is nothing more than what is already listed, i.e. meets the requirements. Vaccine And tampon (or Govt already recently contracted). You need to download one of these two processors on your smartphone. First I, The other is immune. The latter requires you to enter the code of the code sent to you by the Ministry of Health via email or SMS. The other app, Io, on the other hand, is practically automated and you will see your green pass as soon as you sign in with SPID or CIE.

Download Green Pass, another solution

For those who like to use Official website Of Ministry of Health, In the event of a negative wipe or contact with an already shrunken cured disease, this can be done by placing a request through the browser. If you have problems or issues such as failing to provide the code despite being vaccinated, you can contact the toll free number 800.91.24.91. Finally, we remind you that those who do not have a smartphone, they can go to the pharmacy with the data and print the paper green pass.

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