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Microsoft's official confirmation has arrived -

Microsoft’s official confirmation has arrived –

There is Microsoft Confident Brand coming soon Xbox Live It will no longer exist, or at least it will no longer be used, and will be renamed in a simple and straightforward way Xbox Network.

Changes to Xbox beta testers’ dashboards seen in recent days are not bugs, but precise steps to redefine a critical part of the Redmond house Services, Said in an official note sent to The Edge by a representative of the company:

Xbox Network is an Xbox online service “Microsoft Services Agreement“, Xbox Live Update is designed to differentiate the Xbox Live Update service from the Xbox Live Gold subscription.“So it was confirmed Xbox Live Gold It will continue to be a unique product.

Microsoft launched the Xbox Live brand 18 years ago for its Xbox services. Larry Hrip, one of the most recognizable faces in the Xbox world, was first known as Major Nelson of Xbox Live and later as Major Nelson of Xbox. I have to say that this is an important change, at leastSite ID. This was necessary due to the numerous innovations introduced by Microsoft in recent months. The risk of confusing users in this way is low. However, we agree that we will miss the Xbox Live name a bit. After all, this is just part of the history of Xbox.

Xbox Live: il logo

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