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Microsoft Surface Pro 8, Go 3, Duo 2 ... Full information before the conference

Microsoft Surface Pro 8, Go 3, Duo 2 … Full information before the conference

Computers, tablets, smartphones … According to The Verge site, many new surface products may be announced on September 22nd. Microsoft. Opportunity to handle the expected Surface Pro 8, Go 3, Book 4 and Dio 2.

Different colors and models of Surface Laptop 4.

Different colors and models of Surface Laptop 4. // Source: Microsoft

On September 22, Microsoft Arrangement a Surface phenomenon. Indicates that the official call event will be dedicated “Devices and Windows 11”, Not to mention that we all want to learn a little more.

On the site On the edge, Always well known, has his little idea about the program. According to him, four new Surface PCs and a foldable phone will be offered Surface Doubles2.

A surface for the pro

According to On the edge Therefore, one of the announcements of the evening should be the release of Surface Pro 8.. If no surprise, it should get the latest 11th generation Intel processors. Also, it should not differ from the design Surface Pro7, But can give the screen excellent definition, which allows it to zoom by a few millimeters. The presence of a modular SSD is also mentioned.

Also, the specialty site cites a source in Microsoft, who said one of the USB ports is Thunderbolt compatible, which is the first time for a surface device. For security reasons. In addition, one of the models will only be fitted with USB-C ports, forgetting the good old classic USB.

Design that does not stay on the surface

According to Windows Central, Microsoft works on a Surface Book 4. method

One of the original patented paintings for Surface Book 4.

One of the original patented paintings for the Surface Book 4. // Source: Windows Central

The screen in question will have an update rate of 120 Hz, which is rarely seen on an office PC. It will take advantage of a new function Windows 11 This will better manage dynamic update rates, making it possible to switch from the fastest mode to the most advanced mode depending on the application.

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Adding such an update rate is a sign that Microsoft wants to make the Surface Pen easier to use. The Surface Book 4 also integrates a haptic feedback when using the stylus. We can store the stylus on the side of the computer to avoid losing it, and it will use the opportunity to charge.

More accessible models

On the side of slightly accessible models, the brand may also announce a new 2-in-1 Surface Pro X, which will also show a better update rate.

Source: Arnaud Gelino - Franroyd

Source: Arnaud Gelino – Franroyd

The Surface Go 3 tablet, for its part, will offer a slightly more powerful model this time around A Core i3 processor, Replacing the conventional Pentium gold found in its predecessors.

Microsoft is looking for its fold

Among the expected announcements by The Verge, the site triggers the arrival of a surface duo 2. Rumors about the latter have actually been circulating for months.

He will leave A new launcher And can Take great photos, Because it is a photo unit with wide angle, telephoto and ultra-wide-angle module. As a reminder, the first surface showed only a selfie camera that could be used in the traditional way by folding the dual device.

In short, the Surface Dio 2 seems to be very close to the classic smartphone. It is the king of SoCs, Snapdragon 888 and apparently offers 5G and NFC compatibility.