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Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo are working together to make online games safer

Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo are working together to make online games safer

Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony have announced that they will work together to make online gaming safer for everyone in the future.

Microsoft, Nintendo, And Sony They have announced that they will work together to make online gaming safer for everyone. The three major console makers are in competition when it comes to sales, but they will work together from time to time as US President Donald Trump publicly opposes console fees.

There are many video game communities that are known to be toxic, but bad behavior is not restricted to specific groups or sites. It only takes the actions of a single player to ferment the experience of others, and this can happen on any console. It’s a matter of parents hating parents online and not wanting to express bullying. As it stands, different companies have different guidelines on how to handle toxic behavior, and some are better at enforcing them than others. Amazon has plans to track toxic players on its Luna service, but each company has its own guidelines, and they can be as loose or as strict as they want.

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Creating safe environments for players online is a big step. News post about the officer Xbox The website also announced that Nintendo and PlayStation will work together to create shared guidelines to protect players from misconduct. Xbox issues the following statement:

“At Xbox, we’re partnered with Nintendo on behalf of the Nintendo Switch Players and PlayStation Community. We will continue to invest, evolve and multiply in our approaches.

All three companies agree to the following shared policies. Prevention: They will provide parents and guardians with tools to protect younger players from harm and make these tools as accessible and easy to use as possible. Partnership: Companies will work with law enforcement and industry experts to further improve procedures and research avenues to make gaming online safer. This includes further partnerships with companies such as ESRB and PEGI. Responsibility: All three companies will find their rules easier to understand. It is easy for players to report misconduct and notify law enforcement whenever there is a potential for harm to players.

Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony have worked together in a similar way in the past. The industry has long needed to be responsible for the general guidelines for ethics and the actions taken on their sites. These are still early days, but we hope other companies will join the big three in making online gaming safer for everyone.

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