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The QuickSpot Nintendo Switch comes without a warning on the Aesop

The QuickSpot Nintendo Switch comes without a warning on the Aesop

Bandai has released an unusual Nintendo Switch game called Namco QuickSpot on the US eShop. Released in Japan last April, it is based on the 2006 Nintendo DS game of the same name. Be careful though, for now, the game is only available for $ 19.99 on the US eShop. The release in Europe has not been announced yet, but the game will appear unannounced at any time, just like its US release. If you want to crack QuickSpot today and do not know how to get US eShop, here it is. A guide Who will help you there.

QuickSpot Stimulates the brain and trains the eyes with fun games where players try to find faults, collect puzzle pieces and try to find hidden objects in the gallery of creative images. We are coming to Switch for the first time with newly added game genres, new party modes and a variety of new artwork. QuickSpot Allows players to engage in quick solo games or gather friends to compete for bragging rights.

QuickSpot The centerpiece of creativity consists of 20 different games with 10,000 questions and puzzles designed to stimulate the right brain. The game has hundreds of fun and humorous charts, including some of the most popular BANDAI NAMCO games. Players can test their skills alone or with friends in a variety of ways. In fast mode, players take part in ten-second speed tests that push their intuition and concentration within their limits. Endless mode consists of training with a relaxed pace and brain-refreshing exercises of game puzzles without a time limit. In party mode, up to four players can compete with each other to see who can get the most points.