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Microsoft redesigns the surface, Bosch electrifies and prefers iPhone France

Microsoft redesigns the surface, Bosch electrifies and prefers iPhone France

It has come back to school and the technology is already confused with so many announcements and information. Microsoft is planning a presentation of its surface products, Samsung is launching its Galaxy Watch 4 watches and wants to make its hole in the Bosch electric bike. Again in a week it was very busy.

Bosch deals with your electric bikes

Presented by Bosch The whole series of innovations compiled under the name of brilliant organization. Behind this name, after the classic, hide a new module, a more durable battery, a new screen, a mobile app and a refined performance line CX engine.

Microsoft is set to release new surface products on September 22nd

After the release date of Windows 11 on October 5th, Microsoft goes for its products. And the American company is dedicated Its fall presentation for the range will be released on September 22nd. We especially like Surface Double 2, a new Surface Pro, a Surface Book Review Or return to Surface Studio and Cheap portable 2-in-1 Surface Go tablet. In the meantime, you can always Prepare your Surface Pro PC or tablet to welcome the new operating system… or think about changing the product.

The iPhone works best in France

This is one of the most unexpected pieces of information, but it has an overall logical explanation. The study shows that iPhones will be faster when the software part is set to France. We explain this mystery to you …

Test of the week: Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic

With its Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, Samsung takes the shape of its predecessors, but changes its operating system to accept the root OS 3. We tested the new one for several days, which shows many benefits, but gives us some regrets..

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Video of the week

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