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Microsoft & GPT-3: Coding with AI Automation

Microsoft offers the first of its own products that use AI text generator GPT-3. The computer can translate natural language into simple program code.

Microsoft has been an official partner and supporter of OpenAI, the AI ​​company behind Text-AI since the summer of 2019. GPT-3. Protected in the fall 2020 Microsoft exclusive rights to the code, With the intention of using GPT-3 for own products and services. At the Microsoft Built Developer Conference, the team now presents the first benefits of this collaboration.

Microsoft integrated GPT-3 into Power Apps, its own low-code development platform that enables programmers to develop software suitable for professionals and professionals. Thanks to the new AI functionality, users can type a sentence in the default language and then retrieve it. Code suggestions generated by GPT-3.

This code is available as Power FX-compatible formula, a highly simplified open source programming language based on Microsoft Excel, which forms the basis of Power applications. Microsoft’s GPD-3 test can not be translated into more complex programming languages.

According to Microsoft, understanding the AI ​​function code is not superfluous. Instead, it should help beginners learn Power FX so that they can program more complex code based on it.

Microsoft Integration is the second application that uses OpenAI’s Voice AI to generate code: Code Editor Deep tab The code relies on GPT-2 for automation Some beginnings Experiment GPT-3’s ability to generate simple code.

GPT-3 has “tremendous potential”

Microsoft wants to integrate Power FX with other components and tools of the Power Platform in the next phase so that they can benefit from GPD-3. In the future, the KI (News) Azure Cloud and Microsoft’s flagship products.

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“GPD-3 can do many other things. This is a brand new technology that opens up a lot of new possibilities. This is just the beginning, “said Eric Boyd, chief executive of Azure AI Microsoft-Blog. GPT-3 has pushed the boundaries of what was previously possible with natural language learning.

In April, Microsoft invested in OpenAI and additionally acquired a speech recognition company. Less than $ 20 billion in sophistication. Microsoft’s biggest acquisition since LinkedIn shows just how serious Microsoft is with AI language technologies.

Microsoft plans to release a preview of the AI ​​process by the end of June, but only for English and North American users.

Source and cover image: Microsoft Blog

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