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Jeff Group - Nert 4. Life Announces Microsoft Conference Date on E3 2021

Jeff Group – Nert 4. Life Announces Microsoft Conference Date on E3 2021

The Microsoft Conference Dell ‘E3 2021 Held on June 13, 2021. Journalist Jeff Group, who reveals that day, is usually the most reliable when looking at the dates of events and more (less than the release dates of games … see Starfield). In short, there is not much to know about the news coming Xbox Series X. And throughout the entire Xbox environment (including PC, now).

The group initially said it was waiting for Microsoft to confirm, but later said the event would take place on the date indicated. The group’s claims were echoed by the inner nibble, which is a little confirmation if you will.

What to add? Sunday, June 13th. Hope this is a Sunday full of announcements and new games. There is talk of at least five Triple A not being released during the event, but that could be even greater given the size of the growth studies in Microsoft’s hands.

After all, there are many Voices It runs on potential games that can be found in fair games. Starfield is not a bar in practice. Someone wants to see the new Wolfenstein from machine games. There is talk of a new Forza Horizon package in Mexico. Of course the hollow will be infinite and we hope it will show itself in great form.

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