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Microsoft Edge support is coming to an end

Microsoft Edge support is coming to an end

The Internet Explorer11 A dinosaur, but no official support because it is still mainly used in companies. Nevertheless, Microsoft wants to attract users from the old browser. In early November 2020, IE will no longer be usable Microsoft teams Application. Support for Microsoft 365 web applications will continue until August 2021.

However, that does not mean that the browser is no longer used – after all, some internal tools and sites from companies and one or the other long-established private users are still working with it. No technical support in case of problems. Microsoft wants to promote the new Edge very strongly to Internet Explorer users.

Some incompatible pages will automatically open with Edge when users want to view pages with Internet Explorer. At least Microsoft describes it Support-Document. At the same time there is the option to move Favorites, Passwords, Search Settings, Open Tabs, History, Settings and Cookies. So Microsoft is working hard to encourage Internet Explorer users to use Edge To move.

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